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Community Highlights: Meet Lotoya Jean of Gogettermotivation Consulting

Hi Lotoya, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I am an immigrant, I migrated to America six years ago and wanted to experience life in the land of opportunities. It was a big sacrifice for me but I had to do what was necessary for my children and myself at the time. I always had a knock for business and was a young and passionate entrepreneur in the island of Jamaica. I had my first official business at age 13. I started with money I saved from my lunch each day and bought grocery’s to sell in my community.

I saw my single mother struggled financially and I wanted to ease the burden by creating a source of income for myself. My mother had a business but after a while, she was not able to manage because of financial reasons. I had to fund myself to university to get my first degree in Business management. I graduated at age 23 with my first degree but working for a company was just not cutting it, I experience first hand jealousy and mistreatment within the work place. I was just different and not everyone understands that you don’t have to be apart of a crowd and a crew to be who you are called to be. I have always loved everything about business and helping people in any way I can and with whatever resources I had. So after working in the banking industry and was fired because my supervisor didn’t liked me much, I started yet another business until I had two. I ended up starting six businesses and had employees. I failed miserably while operating my businesses in Jamaica not because they weren’t good business ideas but they were was no proper money management, no guidance to grow or scale, no proper structure. My mindset was not at the right place, my limiting beliefs was a big factor and I was being a hypocrite about money and my finances. I know that I want it but act as if I didn’t. That’s the biggest factor with many people and that’s the biggest block to having wealth in life. I didn’t realize how badly I was managing money and finances and even with a business degree, I was a failure.

Everything changed after I discovered my true purpose and calling in life. I was intentional about accomplishing my big goals and helping others to do the same. I realize it’s not the amount of money you make but how much you keep. I also understand that money is a tool and it’s not bad as people make it. Today I get the opportunity to help other people to kill limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubts and step boldly and accomplish their goals in life. I want other women to know that their past and their history cannot stop their success as each and every one of us was born with a purpose. I teach youths about money management and entrepreneurship. Not everyone was born to do the same and as parents, we tend to push the normal root of careers and jobs but what about self-interests and passions. I teach entrepreneurship not as a job but as a way of thinking and taking on challenges. I also believed that an empowered youth is a leader for the next generation. I have learned many lessons in life but having faith and belief in one’s self is very important. I help women today to use their passions and create lifestyle businesses, kill the inner critic and stand out with confidence. Many women remain dormant and hide their true identity because of her history but it is ok to embrace your story and uniqueness and stand out. I have come to the realization that there’s no one like me and I am unique in every way possible. Where I have used could be I use my failures, life experiences and struggles as lessons by sharing with others so that they can have hope and faith. We are all created for success and it’s ok to fuel your dreams with passion and enthusiasm. I get to help the less fortunate through my ministry and my clients through my businesses.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Obstacles will always be the biggest challenge when you are on the journey of self-discovery. Especially if you are starting something new, it can be so nerve wrecking, you feel fearful of the outcome before you even take a step or a chance on yourself. The biggest obstacle I have faced while on this journey of personal development is the struggle in my mind. Oh, what a killer, our beliefs are so powerful it will either cripple you or propel you. You know deep down you have purpose inside of you but you fear success. I feared showing up, I feared my Caribbean accent for years and hid and did not speak up and I was missing out on helping my ideal clients and the people I was called to serve. So many people are afraid to pursue their dreams because of fear, not having the confidence to stand out and be unique. That was my biggest obstacle. I realized that my comfort zone was not doing much for me so why not do it alone and afraid.

Great, so let’s talk business. Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
At GogetterMotivation Consulting; we help aspiring entrepreneurs develop the right tools and strategies to structure their passions for business success. We help our clients gain clarity that they can depend on to assist them in building self-confidence, attract their ideal clients, create offers and make recurring income in their businesses. I work with coaches, consultants, creative women, women of faith and service providers. I am a Business Coach and transformation strategist by profession and I love working with women who have a deep desire and want to pursue their passions and build lifestyle businesses so that they can have the freedom, impact and income that they deserve. My brand was started as a Motivational brand “Gogettermotivation” The mission of Gogettermotivation is to inspire, motivate, educate and empower women to make positive lifestyle changes and accomplish their God-given purpose. I offer one on one coaching, group coaching, workshops, yearly conferences and information through my blogs and my books. My brand is impactful, I get up everyday and say to myself “Who do I help change their life today” it could simply be a hello, a smile, a post or my presence.

Do you have any advice for those looking to network or find a mentor?
Mentorship is very important and we all need people and resources to help us accomplish our big goals and dreams. It’s very important that you seek mentorship from someone who has similar interests as you and who have shown some form of success in what you desire. When you invest in a mentor or coach you are investing in their philosophy. Remember to network and build relationships with like-minded people. People who can pour into your spirit and build you up.

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