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Daily Inspiration: Meet Kathina Wood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kathina Wood

Hi Kathina, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
You know that moment when asked by your teacher in Elementary school; What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I spoke up and said that I wanted to become a model (as was told by my mom). The crazy thing is I do not remember saying it, but I felt it! At the age of 18, I did just that and went after my dreams. The passion for modeling and acting burned within me.

Ten years later, I am still pursuing my dream of one day being in movies, television shows, being featured in more magazines, and so much more! A few times throughout my journey, I did stop, but I always found my way back to doing it again. I say it is my love for it that drives me to it. When this year began, I decided to give up modeling altogether. During my time in quarantine (facing a lot in which I turned to God for lots of healing and restoration help). I went through my healing process, refound myself, and I was re-inspired, and decided to continue modeling.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
My journey has not been smooth. I have had quite a few bumps in the road. When I first started in the industry, I meet a photographer from L.A. And he took great photos of me and sat my mom and me down and told us that I was going to be someone great with the pictures that he took, and he tricked us into paying him $1,000 in something that we believed would happen. He disappeared, never giving us my photos, and scammed us out of $1,000. We would call him, and he would give excuses than we eventually stopped hearing from him.

As I continued with modeling, I went to a school called John Casablanca, and it was in the beginning when I started classes when I was not able to continue with them anymore due to the loss of my job. Although I was not going anymore, they continued to call, demanding that I pay them the rest of the money owed.

I used to also model in the mall for a company called The Miami Fashion Board, and being with them only lead to more money dumped out of my pockets. They would promise their models that they were going to be discovered by scouts that would come to their fashion shows. I never met any scouts, and I did not get anywhere with them. It was another falsely advertised company that only wanted money.

Later on in the industry, I ran into a woman who worked for an agency in Miami. I did a photoshoot with them to begin a clean slate and I paid them for that shoot, hoping that I would have gotten somewhere with my career. My family and I were going through a crisis and decided to leave Fort Lauderdale and move to Orlando. I sent an email to the lady from the agency (that I thought had my best interest at heart), and she never responded to my email. To this day, I still have not heard back from both parties. I no longer go to any company for training. I do my research and ask questions. I have learned so much throughout my experience that I know what not to do.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
Due to Covid, I was laid-off from my job and (this allowed me to focus on my craft more), so I have been working on photoshoots. I also have been auditioning for different roles. I am known for my smile, modeling, baking and my fashion sense.

I am most proud of how far I have come throughout the years. So many times, I’ve given up on myself (pursuing this dream), but those dreams never gave up on me. They would continue to knock on my door, telling me to try again, this time with much more knowledge in what to do. Every time I stepped back (and re-evaluate myself), I gained newfound wisdom going back to it. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am happy with how far I have come, and I am going to keep working until I get there. I think what sets me apart from others is that I am different. I do my own thing, and I don’t follow the trend. I make my own!

Do you have any advice for those looking to network or find a mentor?
I do have advice on networking. I currently do not have a mentor, but I do network occasionally. From time to time, I reach out to model followers on my page who have some experience on Instagram and, they give me advice/feedback on what to do and how to go about doing it. Most of the time, they have experience in what I need help with, so they would most likely have the answers to the questions that I may have.


  • $50-$75/hour

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  • Instagram: @k.tty_kat

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