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Exploring Life & Business with Gerald Hearns of Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gerald Hearns.

Hi Gerald, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth began with a vision of a clothing business after a few years of trial and error. What makes Brick By Brick Academy so impactful today? The journey began with establishing my first brick, which was creativity. Starting my first business at six years old, those moment increased my passion to positively serve my community and many others that I come in contact with.

My first business endeavor was a lemonade stand. My mother, Sharon Engram, provided the necessary support to help me make my first experience a great success. Growing up in West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach, Florida, sports was always a passion. The thrill of playing football taught me a lot and allowed me to connect with many people in the neighborhood. The game of football brought light to me on how a piece of pig skin could allow a young man who have overcome the experiences of near life ending moments, overcame challenges of being a walk on at two colleges, but managed to earn multiple academic and later athletic scholarship and more. Along the journey of balancing school, personal life, spiritual life, business life, and at times relationship learning experiences, these were the building blocks of where I am at today. Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth has now grown to serve over 3,600 individuals in the Palm Beach County region of South Florida. Going through trial and error, I was fortunate enough to use every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In 2020, during the beginning stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to provide over 720 meals to local citizens in the West Palm Beach community, provide clothing and hygiene products, and more. Our youth are very important to us. We presented four Brick By Brick Academy Scholarships that allowed four young men to get their first pair of football cleats to begin their football journey. Our fitness program is our primary focus of our mission. I was blessed to have the experience of playing Division 1 football with elite training, experience in yoga, training at top NFL Combine training facilities, and most importantly, connecting with people that is open to increase their health. Being able to train, mentor, and provide fitness resources to others in my community has inspired me a lot. I started working out in the fifth grade doing 400 push-ups, 500 jumping jacks, 400 reps of core exercises, 1 hour of stretching minimum, and a few other exercises every day of the week except Sundays.

Increasing my work ethic, disciplines, morals, and coaching abilities has allowed me to positively impact others to help them accomplish their fitness and mental goals. Financially, financial education is very important and most times, as a youth, you are not exposed to how money works until you are older and reality hit while trying to recover. I was fortunate enough to create healthy thoughts and financial habits at an early age and learn so much from close mentors and peers that have molded me into the man I am today. With so much respect and honor to those who have paved a way for me and learning information from me taking advantage of my education, I launched a financial program for my Brick By Brick Academy that teaches people a few different financial categories. The different categories we touch on is credit & debt management, ways to build a 6-figure income and build tax-free income, learn ways of retirement plans and market risks of other retirement plans, how to trade in the foreign exchange program, and more. With the value of something that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, my program presents this information for less than $6.00 a day. So it has been a honor to collaborate with some great people, remain humble, and influence others to build brick by brick.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The road towards becoming a greater version of myself has not been a smooth road, but the greatest challenges has built the greatest character. In the beginning stages of my journey, my family and I faced a tragedy right when life was as smooth as a silk. My mom and my brother’s father dated and had plans to get married. After building such friendship and love for one another, life began to get better when we planned to move out of our apartment complex to a new home on Singer Island, Riviera Beach. Despite there being a lot external jealousy from friends of my brother father and family members, we managed to move into the new home. Within a week going on two weeks of moving into our new home, my little brother father won the lottery and was murdered July 8th, 2004 in front of our new home and body later dumped down the road. Dealing with realization that my youngest brother would never see his father again in the flesh touched me to be the best brother even more in which turned into a deep relationship for me being a father figure and mentor to him. The journey and adversity continued.

Growing up in the inner city as many can attest to, it can be a easy decision to go down the wrong path. Being wise and mature, but most importantly spiritually grounded, I was fortunate enough to pave the way by selling candy and snacks to make positive money and use those funds to invest into my college education after applying and getting accepted in Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. With so much crime and poverty around me, I continued to keep my tunnel vision by putting myself around great educators that taught me in middle school. Over the years, I have experienced over 50 deaths, in which over 35 of those death includes close friends and or family being killed. As a kid, it can become mentally draining. I have been fortunate to use my story and passion to mentor and educate others to stay focused along their journey. Additional challenges and obstacles: Started 13th on the depth chart at Florida Atlantic University and worked my way up to start on three special teams and work my way up to 3rd on the depth chart at Running Back behind Buffalo Bills Running Back, Devin “Motor” Singletary and former Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back, Kerrith Whyte. * I used to wake up at 4:45 am every morning in high school to get dressed and walk 8 blocks to the bus stop with a 40+ pound duffle bag full of snacks, candy and drinks, and my school backpack full of school books. The long mornings, but ambition to get to the bust stop everyday was a challenge drenched in sweat after just getting dressed for school. Not once did I complain, but my hunger for success became greater.

We’ve been impressed with Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is a program that focuses on impacting the community, improving the health of others while educating others on financial resources. We are not the typical company that a person would come to for one specific reason. Throughout my journey, playing sports and networking allowed me to gain so much financial knowledge, fitness experience and knowledge, but also learn more why do people either lack passion or motivation. From my perspective, there are many young men and women, and even adults that want to become fit but may not know what exercises to do at a gym. There are individuals that want to start a business, learn about ways to build generational wealth, but may not have a leader or mentor that has patience to show them the way. What should we know? * We offer personal training * We have a new Brick By Brick Academy virtual program/app launching very soon * We provide (Body weight training, speed training, endurance & cardio training, strength & conditioning, and custom workouts) Our fitness program also consists of custom nutritional meal and smoothie recipes that will be included for FREE for our members once we launch our program app.

We have successfully impacted a few dozen clients enhance their fitness goals, prepare for college sports, and mentally grow to create healthy habits. * Our financial resources: 1. We educate others on credit & debt management 2. We provide education and opportunities for building tax-free income 3. We provide education on retirement plans with living benefits in case of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness that has a cash value. 4. We have 50 plus members that we educate and help grow in the foreign exchange (ForEx) market. Thus far we serve clients in 8 states and 3 different countries. Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is a all-in-one program. I am known for my community involvement. As a youth, my mother always kept my brothers and I involved in the community feeding the less fortunate, donating clothing to inner city families, and even feeding the other kids in the neighborhood. Going to various after school programs such as Urban Youth Impact, Boys & Girls Club, and Sigma Beta Club inspired me to increase my community impact. Thus far with Brick By Brick Academy, we have provided over 720 meals to local homeless individuals, we have sponsored five families for Christmas, we have provided over 8 Brick By Brick Academy Scholarships. We have also helped over 12 young men and women from the community launch their new businesses and register for an LLC and Employee Identification Number. We have now increased our brand ambassador list to over 50+ individuals less than two weeks.

I am most proud on how the vision continue to grows and the excitement for our new mobile virtual program we have in the making. The value of mentoring, financial consulting, personal training, meal plans, motivation, and business coaching can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Our program will be valued for about $3-$5 a day to help other build their health one brick at a time. I want the readers to know that I would love to brand out into other states and city and bring on new brand ambassadors and hopefully put some community events and fitness boot camps together. I would love to get folks together for us to feed the homeless and do community expos. For anyone that is interest in connecting with Brick By Brick Academy can send an email to: We would love continue to get more people involved in our community impact and scholarships. A person can learn more about our scholarship program by visiting our website:

What makes you happy?
I have a passion for music. I would agree that music is essential for the soul. I am also happy when I can workout and do yoga. Working out and stretching keeps me stimulated, put me in a different focus and a sense of rejuvenation. I love traveling and doing adventurous things such as jet ski riding, bowling, skating and more. Massages is also another great experience that makes me happy when it comes to self care.


  • Forex unlimited weekly signals and daily coaching $5 a day
  • Personal Training (includes Virtual training) $15 – $45 sessions

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