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Meet Karina Caro of Orlando

Today we’d like to introduce you to Karina Caro

Hi Karina , we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
So I officially announced that I will be releasing original music soon. I have no label, I have no marketing team, and I definitely have no money. But somehow, someway, it’s about to happen for me soon. I’ve sacrificed so much in my life to get to this point in time. I’m thrilled, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m scared. So many emotions that I don’t know how I’m going to handle. But all I know is that I am not going to give up. I’m more excited than ever to take on this path. Although I didn’t study marketing, I knew one thing from day one 6 years ago. That I really needed to be around the right kind of people if I wanted to work in this industry. Hopefully I solidified whatever relationships I built along the way on my journey. Also I officially have fans! I never thought the day would come that I would get to say and put out into the world that I have FANS! Like actual people that are borderline obsessed with what I’m doing. It’s a scary but really interesting feeling. But here I am, pouring my soul into everything that I do for them. I’m finally going to be able to tell my story through song. I’m at a weird age right now, I’m not too young and I’m not too old. I’m twenty-seven years of age. And it feels great! For the longest time I decided I would live with no rules! Following my heart every step of the way, knowing I was going to make mistakes. Knowing I was going to grow. I almost lost myself to the darkness while taking so many risks. But all the risks I took were worth it! Because look at where I’m at now. I’m on the right track to getting one step closer to telling my stories through song. I always knew the struggles would pay off. One thing I learned from all the greats and the people who paved the way for me, is that I need to be willing to do what other people aren’t if I want to be successful. I worked extremely hard the past 6 years of my life. I integrated my self to the nightlife industry, to surround myself completely around music. I was able to meet producers, the top Dj’s and promoters. All of it was a thrill, and I fell in love with the marketing side and the entrepreneurship of my music career. Every time I met someone, I would confess my love for singing, and even though I knew my accomplishments were going to be coming from humble beginnings. I never lost my hope and faith. And I know that one day I will be successful. Just have faith. With love and warm regards, Karina Caro

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Wow, where do I begin? One of the biggest struggles of my life was when my mom fell physically ill. I had to be the strength for both her and my little sister. Kind of like Katniss Everdeen. My life has always been just my sister, my mom, ad my music. Nothing else ever mattered. I had to support my mother and sister financially in all of 2015. Having to do that set me apart from a lot of girls my age. Maybe my success is taking a little longer than other girls in the music industry, But I never gave up. I never let these set backs hold me back from my passion for the arts.

Thanks for sharing that. What else should we know?
I currently run about 5/6 different emails, about 2/3 different Instagram’s, my Facebook, my personal blog, my YouTube channel, and all my other socials as @misskarinacaro. My other social media platforms consist of “The Modern Charm” which is my alter ego username and “Models of Orlando” where I try to empower women by spreading image and body positivity. In “The Modern Charm” I only talk about life advice, and in “Models of Orlando” I post pictures of other models, helping to promote them while at the same time empowering them. I spend a lot of time reading and writing trying to grow internally, emotionally, and even physically. This is what people know me for. I am not perfect, because I know I have a lot of internal flaws. But for some reason, I know and feel I was called for more in this life than just the glitz and the glam of things. I see past all of these superficial things, I remain grounded and spread love and hope with everyone I encounter. I spent a large portion of my twenties expressing my philosophical thoughts through social media. But later on decided I would just start living the advice I was giving, and just start leading by example instead of constantly shoving words down peoples throats. I knew early on that being a songwriter and singer, all these things I believed in would set me apart from the rest. The music industry is extremely sexualized, however I think there’s a different generation around us that write and record music based on true feelings, emotions, and hardship regardless of how weak that may make a woman or a man seem. This is the thought that always gave me hope. Knowing that I could be a woman in the music industry, and not have to “sleep” with any producers or music personnel to accomplish things. I don’t consider myself self absorbed what so ever, and I think it shows, I think people see that from me, and they truly feel that way about me. I think this is why I’ve had success in my music career and just success as a human in general.

Where we are in life is often partly because of others. Who/what else deserves credit for how your story turned out?
I sincerely just have my mom to thank for everything! I’m so thankful for her for believing in my dreams, and never forcing me to make decisions that I didn’t want to make. If It was what my little heart desired, she supported it. She never made me feel like I was limited or that I didn’t have enough resources. Even though she didn’t support me financially, she supported me emotionally.

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