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Meet Mira Taylor of Moon & Rune Wellness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mira Taylor.

Hi Mira, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
My journey with the concepts of intuitive or “inner-truth” spirituality and human psychology started from a young age, before I really grasped an awareness of my natural abilities in these areas. These two similarly very different areas of understanding were brought together and truly became “alive” as a calling, while originally pursuing a career in graphic design, branding, and marketing. I was told by everyone around me that this was the “perfect” career path for me – “the only way that an artist or intuitive can actually make a dollar in this world”. While on this original career path I continued to expand and hone my abilities as an intuitive creative and was able to really fall in love with learning about and understanding how intuition and the human psyche work together. That said, the more I learned about how the marketing world utilizes an understanding of human psychology and artistic expression, the more I began to appreciate that I was being asked to use my gifts and abilities in a way that didn’t feel in sync with my soul and also felt devoid of a deeper or more personal sense of purpose. I found my Self asking why I was chasing a life that didn’t feel like my own and that mostly preyed on the perceived weaknesses of the human psyche and imbalances in the human spirit. This was a world that took the systems that were creating unwellness in the mind and spirit and asked “how can we use this unwellness to sell to people?” 

I realized that I didn’t want to use my understanding of the human psyche and spirit to sell people things, services, or “trends” that they didn’t really need. I didn’t want to spend my days convincing others that their happiness was a “click” or “purchase” away. I also didn’t want to exploit my understanding of others’ lack of Self-awareness and Self-rejections to be used in a way that took advantage of them. I couldn’t help but feel an underlying sense that the marketing world was a space where my gift for molding and shaping the human mind, having an awareness of others’ deeper spiritual needs and seeing the synchronicity of the “bigger picture” was being expressed in a way that didn’t feel congruent with my own personal beliefs. Beliefs about how human intuition and spirituality are intended to work together – not as a trendy object or service for sale, but as an internal sense of truth and wholeness. As this journey continued, I began to really ask myself why I was doing something that “should” have felt good for me as a life path and just didn’t… I finally asked the right question – how I could utilize my understanding more constructively and with the purpose of healing others and helping create a mentally healthier, spiritually wealthier, and more mindfully aware world? Within this framework – my true purpose for being and the wellness practice that would empower it (Moon & Rune Wellness) was born.

I am thrilled to say that by finally accepting my own intuition about the career field and environments I was working in, which just never felt quite right to me, I was finally able to leave that world behind and create a new one for my Self. Now every day is a day where I feel aligned with my true Self because the only thing I am ever trying to “sell” to anyone is a deeper sense of Self-acceptance, how to exist with a spiritually centered and enriching personal sense of purpose and that everyone deserves to live, breathe and experience life from a space of inner-truth and wisdom for who they are and what they are here to do. I am also excited to be able to help change, heal and evolve the system that I came from into a space that makes more room for daily feelings of spiritual enrichment, the sharing of each person’s intuitions and wisdom, and heart-led purposeful initiatives within the workplace. I am hopeful and intentional in the understanding that not only the individual Self but the organizational entities and businesses that each of us work for can ask more questions like – “What is the heart of why I/ we do what I/we do?”, “What does my intuition tell me is right for me and others?”, “Do my heart and spirit feel enriched and aligned with my daily life?”. and “How can I fear less and love more?”. I think that every time anyone asks these questions and answers them honestly – that we all move closer to the type of peace, prosperity, and abundance that has always been available to humanity and the world we share.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
My journey has been full of what one of my own personal guides and teachers (Benoit Mandelbrot), would call “roughness”. The truth is that the world and creation are full of “roughness” but it is actually these seemingly abrasive environments and relationships that allow us to become our most polished and lustrous Self – if we allow them to. The lesson we are intended to learn in these spaces, the lesson I know I chose to learn in this lifetime so that I could teach it to others, is not to lean into these forces too hard or martyr ourselves against them, rather, not to punish ourselves by suffering through them. 

As I experienced my own personal sense of suffering on the journey of life, I had to finally accept that it was my own martyrdom and hero complexes, constantly looking for a “bad guy” to take down, that we’re actually creating a sense of suffering within me and shaping a world that felt like my own personal idea of “hell”. The only, “bad guy” in my life was my own Self-rejection and lack of Self-love. From this mindset, I would constantly find spaces and relationships that these unfortunate beliefs felt at home in… but that my spiritual and true Self felt exhausted from. These spaces and relationships were merely a reflection of my own internal spiritual and mental realities that felt like an endless battle instilling and growing an even deeper belief in me that I wasn’t and would never be “enough”. I also constantly found myself looking in the mirror and not feeling in love with who I was or what I was doing with my life and my time on this Earth. The truth is that the biggest obstacle to my true Self was me…. or more accurately the ego or mask that I had convinced my Self I needed to be in order to be “happy”, “successful”. “accepted”, “enough” etc. It was only once I was able to accept my most honest nature and spiritually centered Self that I was awakened to and accepting of what my spirit really wanted from my life. All of this said I am honestly thankful for all my “suffering” because it has taught me how to lead others successfully away from theirs and how to accept the peace, happiness, success, and worthiness that is always present within each of us as our most genuine expressions and intended states of being.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Who “I AM” as an Integrative Therapist & Mental & Spiritual Wellness Practitioner: I believe that mental and spiritual health and moving toward a sense of genuine “wholeness” is a deeply personal journey of Self-enlightenment that requires an intuitive and empathically aligned guide. As a personal guide, healer, therapist, and advisor to my clients I specialize in methodologies and practices for balancing and bringing peace to the mind, body, and soul. My personal intention is to teach each individual, family, or organization that I work with how to discover the amazing potentials available to them through a sense of spiritual awareness and engagement in the world. My personal sense of purpose is rooted in a desire to teach and awaken others to the truth that we are all given the tools needed to heal and fully love and be at peace with our Self as we truly are – that it is from this space that we can become exactly who and what we want to be for ourselves and for others. 

My Credentials & Areas of Expertise: I focus on guiding my clients (individuals and organizations) toward total wellness by combining concepts of psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. I am a member of the International Association of Therapists and am Master Certified in the following areas: Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Mindfulness & Meditation, Emotional Freedom & Thought Field Therapy, Wellness Linguistics, Archetypal Psychology, Cognitive Remodeling Therapy, Subconscious Integration Therapy, Grief & Bereavement Counseling, Trauma & PTSD Counseling, & Modern Applied Psychology.

What to expect from Moon & Rune Guided Wellness Sessions & Advisement Services:

Moon & Rune Guided Wellness Sessions are a format of Integrative Therapy that combines mental and spiritual wellness. In each session, Mira utilizes scientifically proven methods of psychology and mental philosophy in combination with a conscientious awareness of each individual’s unique spiritual Self. Every session is approached with the purpose of creating a genuine sense of wholeness with one’s internal well-being and is uniquely centered around the individual’s personal journey and the belief systems they hold about themselves and the world. Session work is rooted in the ideology of guiding and teaching each participant how to better understand and love themselves, the natural world, friends, family, and even those they may be viewing as “opposition” in their day-to-day life.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
I want each reader to understand that there are many ways to start on the path to reawakening your true Self. If you feel called to my teachings and resonate with this article, I look forward to connecting with you, that said, I also hope that each reader knows that there truly is no “wrong” way to step forward on the path of spiritual Self-awareness and acceptance… there are no wrong directions to take as long as you are following your heart and moving away from fearing what lives inside of you – your total, true and divine Self. On this journey of life, you already have all that you seek inside of you. You just need to remember that your heart is your golden compass and your Soul, your truest Self, is your greatest teacher, lover, friend, and guide. 


  • Guided Wellness Sessions $95 per session
  • Contact Directly for Pricing & More Info on Organizational Wellness Services
  • Special pricing applies for Veterans & Active-Duty Service Members
  • Do you take Insurance?: No

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