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Meet Mohammed Widdi of Soul Detox

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mohammed Widdi.

Hi Mohammed, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstories with our readers?
Peace and blessings upon you! My name is Mohammed Widdi, and I’m the CEO and founder of Soul Detox. We are a spiritual and lifestyle brand dedicated to holistic wellness through the practice of cupping, as well as high-end luxury wellness products.

Cupping is a timeless spiritual practice that has transcended multiple cultures, schools of thought, and religious traditions, for thousands of years. It was practiced by the Pharaohs, the Greeks, and in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as by followers of the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

One of the oldest medical textbooks in existence, the Ebers Papyrus, mentions the use of cupping. Cupping has been around a long time! But we specifically use the word “timeless” when we talk about cupping and not the word “ancient,” because cupping has a place in the present and future… it is not a thing of the past. In fact, cupping is what inspired the breast pump as we know it today.

There is dry cupping and wet cupping. Wet cupping, or hijama, is something we specialize in. “Hijama” means “suction” in Arabic. I’m Muslim, so that’s how I was personally introduced to cupping. I am from New York, Brooklyn to be exact. I started out in the corporate world. There was no passion; it was just a paycheck. In my search for meaningful work, I ventured into the startup world, specifically into social entrepreneurship, and also went into fitness science, going on to become a top Master Trainer at a high-end gym franchise in NYC. When COVID hit and the world stopped, I didn’t.

I was doing daily charity, including doing cupping out of a faith-based community center for charitable purposes. When I saw the impact it was having on people’s lives – I’m speaking of immense benefits in short periods of time – I knew I needed to find a way to normalize and share this spiritual practice with as many people as I possibly could. That’s how Soul Detox was born! I started offering mobile cupping services, and going to people’s homes when they weren’t able to make it to the community center, and eventually graduated to offering services throughout all of NYC and surrounding areas.

My friend Azmia Ricchuito, who was born in and lives in Orlando, is a writer and branding/content marketer with experience in public relations. I knew she was a good fit for Soul Detox, so I recruited her and offered her an in-house position and she became part owner of the company. Within a few months of having her on board, we found ourselves in the blessed position of being able to start expanding into the Orlando area as well. We recently had our first event in Orlando, hosted at Inspirit Yoga Studio. Azmia went to yoga teacher training there, so it was really a full-circle moment of growth for both of us.

Part of our mission as a company is to normalize the practice of cupping and to build an educational platform with our brand. That includes expanding geographically into as many areas as we can – and building out our team as much as we can. We are working on training more practitioners in other areas, including Orlando, and other parts of the United States, so we can scale to being a nationwide company, God willing.

We have a really diverse group of brilliant and spectacular people who range in roles from finances, scientists, NFTs, advisors, product development, and of course, our practitioners.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
The pandemic has obviously been the biggest challenge for us, as it has been for probably everyone. The world is changing, how we do business is changing, and there have been supplying chain issues now for a while.

Due to the international supply chain issues, we’ve made the abrupt change to sourcing manufacturing domestically for our product line. The need to avoid anything international was a big change for us, but we are persevering and we have faith that everything will turn out for the greatest good, the way it’s meant to.

Since we’re a startup, we’re also working on our pre-seed funding. Fundraising is always a challenge, but it’s one we really look forward to. We’re excited to find investors who can add value, not just money; ones that can invest in us timewise as well, mentor us and help us learn and grow.

As you know, we’re big fans of Soul Detox. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
The thing we’re most proud of at Soul Detox is that we are social entrepreneurs.

Soul Detox was born out of me doing hijama (cupping) for charitable purposes. Giving back is important to me not only because of my faith as a Muslim but also because I believe social entrepreneurship is the future. Corporate greed should never be prioritized over public needs. Our society is at a tipping point right now.

We need money going into the hands of people who are going to put it back into the community and do good things with it. We are doing our own charity projects offering wellness services for those with financial limitations. The whole point of social entrepreneurship is to be in a position to be able to give back and invest in your community.

Where do you see things going in the next 5-10 years?
We are looking forward to continuing to position ourselves as industry experts and leaders on the topic of cupping and hijama in the United States, and God willing, worldwide.

There are many studies that show the potential benefits that cupping offers, such as improving circulation, pain reduction, inducing relaxation, decreasing liver enzymes, reducing lymphedema, reducing muscle tension, reducing recovery time, helping migraines, asthma, skin conditions, and so many other things.

And it does this in a non-invasive manner, by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, without elevating hormones or blood sugar. Like how amazing is that? Allopathic medicine has started to become more aware of the importance of practicing whole-body integrative medicine, and with that, the importance of spiritual and adjunctive practices. The wellness industry as a whole is a billion-dollar industry.

Cupping has transcended thousands of years and so many religions, cultures, and schools of thought for a reason… so my hope is that we can really lead the way in normalizing it and making this life-changing practice mainstream.


  • $75 to $100 for dry cupping
  • $125 to $200 for wet cupping

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