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Portraits of Orlando

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find inspiring interviews from in and around Orlando.

Carmen Vallone

It all started when I was born. Fast forward a few years and I got a job working at the ticket window at the comedy club. Next thing you know, I’m opening for Joan Rivers! What happened?!. Read more>>

Ruth Malvoisin

Growing up my dad would always have a camera in his hands taking pictures of my siblings and me. Every Sunday, we knew it was picture time because we were all dressed up for church. As embarrassing as some of those photos are, I’m grateful for him taking all those pictures and capturing our childhood for us to look back on. That’s what led me to want to do for other people without one person missing out on being included in the photo. My love for photography and capturing moments definitely came from him. I’ve also got to admit that I was obsessed with watching America’s Next Top Model, and I was always looking through magazines and blogs. Photography is what makes me happiest, so I just kept creating!. Read more>>

Jessica Maertchik

I am a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society and have been working in the wedding industry for seven years now! I started my event career at the most magical place on earth – Walt Disney World! Working in several different event departments at Disney World allowed me to springboard my career in event planning, and I especially enjoyed my time working at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings as an Event Assistant. During that time, I attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a degree in Event Management. Go, Knights! After my journey at Walt Disney World, I spread my wings and left the Disney world and entered the real world of events. I worked as an Event Coordinator at Puff n Stuff Catering helping couples come up with their special menu for their special day. I then left the company for a higher level entry job- Catering Manager at Mission Inn Resort- a 1,100-acre destination golf resort in Howey-In-the-Hills specializing in wedding. Read more>>

Valencia Price

I have been in the visual merchandising space for over ten years. As a creative, I enjoy various crafts but realized I have always had an eye for putting outfits together. Once I was leaving the military after 13 years, I wanted to focus more on my fashion passion. I continued to work in the retail world to gain more knowledge and experience. Finally, in May 2019, I took the leap and decided to start my own business as a wardrobe stylist. I was juggling a lot as a mom, working full time, and starting my business but because styling never felt like work, I knew I had to push through. After launching my business, I took the time to continue to research and network. From that, I was able to do my first photoshoot as a wardrobe stylist in January 2020. From there, things began to take off. I was doing on-set photoshoot styling, personal shopping, and virtual style sessions. Don’t get me wrong. It was not all glitz and glamour. It was hard work, and until September of 2020, I was doing everything alone. Read more>>

Demetria Sloan

Demetria Hill Sloan is an award-winning entrepreneur, certified life coach, executive leadership coach, trainer, author, speaker, and outspoken motivator. She has worked with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and individual leaders, striving to further develop the qualities, skills, and aptitude required for growth. Demetria grew up in the town of Thibodaux, LA, the town where her parents met while attending Nicholls State University. Upon graduation, she moved to the campus of Xavier University in New Orleans for the inaugural Howard Hughes Biomedical Scholars summer program and never lived in Thibodaux again. She graduated from Xavier and went to graduate school at Tulane University, where she completed her Masters of Public Health. This took her to Austin, TX to work for the Texas Department of Health (now Texas Department of State Health Services). After four years in public health, she shifted to the pharmaceutical industry, where she would make her professional mark in sales and sales leadership. It was a promotion with Eisai, Inc. that brought her and her family to Orlando in 2007. With nearly twenty years of experience in sales, training, and management, Demetria formed Vantage Point Coaching, LLC in 2015. Read more>>

Cori Palka

I started college studying criminal science. I was interested in criminal justice. At the time, my teacher was a retired chief of police for NYC and one of the class requirements was watching an autopsy be performed. I knew at that moment, I had chosen the wrong profession. While at community college, I was managing a chain of boutiques. I thought if I can run & manage three, I could run one of my own. After many sleepless nights, countless dreams and my 23-year-old fearless attitude, I opened my store in the fall of 2002. It’s been quite the journey. His year marks 19 years since I opened my doors. Everyone has this notion that once you open your doors, people just come in. It’s NOTHING like what you envision. It’s HARD. I would be more cautious today to start a business if I had to do it again. The first couple of years were hard because you are trying to establish yourself/your business. You work countless hours with very little pay. You have to be passionate and extremely driven to keep a business open. I have never once considered closing. Read more>>

Jodi Roark

I am Jodi, the owner/designer of Florida Kid Co., a Florida-inspired baby/kid brand. After having my son almost four years ago, my husband and I decided to leave the Army life to move back to Florida. While the life of a military spouse was an adventure that I will always cherish and appreciate, it did come with its fair share of challenges, one being the difficulty of creating and nurturing a career for myself. Since we decided to settle down in one spot, it was now my chance to go after the dream of starting my own business. After I had my son, I realized that there weren’t a lot of baby items that were vibrant colors and represented the laid-back, beachy Florida lifestyle that we lived. I’ve always loved designing and creating, so I set out on a mission, and the idea for Florida Kid Co. was born!. Read more>>

Patrick Kahn

Snap! Orlando started in 2010 with our desire to fill a cultural void in a growing city. Having spent 20 years in Los Angeles, my wife Holly and I had witnessed the cultural growth in a place mainly known for its film industry. Similarly, Orlando seemed to struggle with changing the perception of it being known only for its touristic theme parks. Attractions. So, we approached the City Development Board and asked for their support to start a photography festival, which would feature renowned photographers from around the world. By producing a large-scale international art event, our goal was to alter the cultural landscape of Orlando. We produced a festival for the next four years until we found a gallery space in 2014 where we could pursue our mission all year long. That became the home to Snap! Space, In 2016, we had the opportunity to open our second gallery, Snap! Downtown in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Read more>>

Carlyn Tribble-Repchak

I started working in the sports and events industry after I graduated from college, and for the longest time, told myself that I would never plan weddings. I then started having friends as me to help them with their weddings since they knew I was an event planner. One wedding led to 3. Then I decided hey maybe I should start charging for this. I originally started my company with a partner back in 2012 but in 2018 decided it was best to go solo, rebrand and refocus. The last few years, I have worked on improving my brand and this past fall, I became a Certified Wedding Planner with the Bridal Society. I am beyond grateful for this organization and owe a lot of my growth and success to it!. Read more>>

Matthew Krul

I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life. When I was growing up, my family would take an annual trip to Walt Disney World, and I was always fascinated with how Disney created such immersive environments. The more I visited the parks, the more I wanted to know how it all worked. By the time I was ten, I had started researching Disney history and even wrote a letter to Roy E. Disney (Walt’s nephew). He was kind enough to write a reply that I still have framed in my office. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and I ultimately decided I wanted to work for Disney someday. In college, I got a part-time job at The Disney Store, and that role led me to the Disney College Program. After concluding my internship with Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I ended up staying seasonal with the company until I graduated. When I went back to school for my M.B.A., I took another internship with Disney, this time on the Marketing Strategy team at Disney Vacation Club, and still, my love for the brand continued to grow. Read more>>

Katie Moore

in Winter Springs) and my parents and brother still live locally. After graduating high school, I attended Florida State University for two years before transferring to the University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in Event Management through the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. During my last year at UCF, I found a one-year co-op with the American Lung Association, which gave me my first taste of non-profit life. I learned a lot during that time and realized I was interested in exploring careers in the Central Florida non-profit sector after graduating. Shortly after I graduated in the Spring of 2009, I applied for an entry-level position with A Gift For Teaching, a local non-profit that has a free store for teachers in Orange County to shop at for classroom supplies. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work for this organization and be a part of the fundraising team. Read more>>

Aly Lalani

My name is Aly and my wife, Zahra and I are founders of Build My Burgers (BMB), a new concept in the world of burger making where customers can curate their burgers the way they desire! “We are not just selling burgers; we are selling an experience. We want people to enjoy every bite of our food as if it were made in their homes, in their own kitchens, with love and attentive care.” At BMB, customers can build their burgers from scratch and choose from over fifteen sauces and fifteen toppings. The kitchen is right in front of you, so you can see your food and smell the sizzling aromas. We are proud to offer great food, a great environment, and great service. It is our dream come true. I had a passion for starting my own restaurant concept for as long as I can remember. I dreamt of creating a brand that would offer comfort food but with fresh, healthy, and wholesome ingredients and affordable prices. It was 13 years ago that I started my first venture by franchising Blimpie in 2008. I was 23 years old at the time and was just learning the ropes of running a food business. I grew that business to three stores and learned a great deal. Read more>>

Rafael Ferreira

In my sophomore year of high school, I signed up for a photography class. I had fun working on projects that my teacher assigned (shout out to Mr. K if he ever reads this!) I signed up for the second part of the class my junior year and that was a blast too. After taking those, I stopped exploring/practicing photography as a whole. I always wanted a camera but just never put in the work to get it. Around October of 2019, I would talk to one of my closest friends, Melanie, about wanting to dive back into photography and potentially making it a business. She lent me her camera and my first couples shoot ever was herself and her boyfriend Colton. I was super nervous and when it came to editing, let’s just say they looked like Oompa Loompas. After that, I started practicing and would keep practicing with couples I know. I never was completely satisfied with my photography. It came with a lot of doubts and uncertainty. Which I think every photographer/creative struggles with. Read more>>

Joslenny Hernandez

It was early on in life that I became fascinated by art. I’ve always been fond of hands-on activities and any entertainment that challenged my creativity. Drawing became a favorite hobby growing up, and I often used my skills on school projects, and I always loved art class. The most memorable school trips were when we visited art museums, wax museums, and galleries. I can remember feeling a deep connection and interpreting the different artists’ work. While attending high school, I took a graphic design class, and it expanded my creative abilities even more. I’ve always stayed interested in creating, interior design, and remodeling. My amazing mother influenced my artistic talents as well. Aside from being crafty and eloquent, she was the queen of decorating our family home. In 2018, my parents purchased new kitchen appliances, and we decided it was time to remodel, so we did. While researching home improvement tips and techniques for my parent’s kitchen, I found epoxy resin. It became an instant obsession and my mind became overwhelmed with ideas. Read more>>

Donna Jones

From Kiddles Candles! Kiddles Candles is run and operated by myself Donna Jones and my sons Soloman and Noah Jones. Our name Kiddles is a combination of the words kids and candles. Kiddles Candles was birthed in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic. When our state went on lockdown, we wanted to get the children motivated into doing something fun and productive. Their father and I had recently started a custom furnishing business (Vine and Branches) so we wanted them to think about entrepreneurship as well. We’ve always encouraged the children to think outside of the box and to value the importance of working for the things they want in life. After researching, we decide that we would give candle making a try. There were many trials and errors along the way, but we hung in there, worked hard, and mastered our craft. As a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of the boys. Read more>>

Melissa Kramer

I first went to Walt Disney World as a vegan in 2012. I spent months ahead of the trip researching where we could eat and what options would be like for us. I found that there was pretty much no information around and we went into our trip relatively blind with the exception of knowing of about three places we could eat. After that trip, I thought about how it would be great if someone created a resource for vegans who were traveling to Walt Disney World. There have always been food blogs about Disney, but no one focused on what it was like to be a plant-eater there. I decided to take it upon myself in 2014, after a few more trips as a vegan under my belt and created At first, I was just writing reviews from places we ate when on vacation and compiled a list of the vegan options in the parks. A few years later, I decided to create an Instagram for the blog and no longer use my personal one for the #VeganDisneyWorld posts. Our Instagram has really grown over the years and people are really excited to be part of the community. Read more>>

Madison Buettner

The first time I picked up a “professional” camera was in High School. I started by taking a creative photography class that was focused entirely on landscape photography/street photography. I picked up a lot of different techniques and continued after the class was over. However, during college, I stopped taking photos and focused on my Animation major (which I ended up switching). When I switched my major, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, if I’m honest. But, I bought myself a new camera and started taking photos again, this time with a focus on portraits and I’ve never looked back. Since I went to the University of Central Florida, I focused my efforts on taking graduation photos (which I still do today). Once I got comfortable photographing people and comfortable with my settings on my camera, I moved into doing creative portraits. Creative Portrait photography is amazing and allows me to create a different type of art through my lens. I slowly began attending Styled Wedding Shoots, which allowed me gain experience in the Wedding industry. Read more>>

Michaele Acary

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My parents and grandparents were business owners. For as long as I can remember, entrepreneurship has been a major part of my life. My mother had a snack popup and would sell juice and other foods to college students at the school she worked for. I used to get excited watching her sell food. Four year old me, would excitedly help her sort through inventory and prep for her popups. I knew that someday, I would be an entrepreneur, just like her. When I was ten years old, she got sick with cancer and had to quit her job as a CNA. In order to make up for the financial loss and have more flexibility for cancer treatments and school. She sold books on the weekend and had me come along with her. Her book sales helped support our family. At the time, she was working another job and going to school part-time. I was extremely inspired by her motivation and drive to be independent while fighting cancer That same year. I started looking for ways to make extra money for Bonne bell lip gloss, Jean jackets and butterfly hair clips. I sold lemonade, chocolates and tickets to events. Read more>>

Tristian Brown

I began my journey in film back in college, where I attended North Carolina A&T State University. I majored in Broadcast production, and from there, I fell in love with the camera. I enjoyed the process of creating and producing content for the masses. After obtaining my degree from North Carolina A&T State University, I decided to further my studies and attended Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. At Full Sail, I obtained a Masters’s degree in Film Production. After graduating, I decided to stay in Florida because I felt there was a lot more opportunity for growth here. I worked a few jobs here and there as a content creator, editor, or something related to camera jobs, but I knew I was destined for a lot more. At those jobs, I wasn’t allowed to be fully creative with what it was that I was doing. After about two years of being in a brand new city and state, I finally decided to throw myself out there. I started doing freelance videos for small businesses, music videos for up-and-coming music artists, and weddings for new couples. Read more>>

Francesca Stoico

I grew up with a passion for sports from an early age, especially ballet, modern, hip hop and belly dance. I started training in the gym in 2014, at just 18 years old, I didn’t physically like it, and I wanted to gain weight trying to strengthen the back muscles, made weak by scoliosis, a problem that plagues me from an early age. Initially, I approached the Model category, I was really amazed when he managed to get excellent placings and that was how I decided to try to get involved as a Bikini athlete in the IFBB Pro League at San Marino Pro 2017, where this experience gave me an exceptional charge that still excites me today. This experience gave me an exceptional charge that still excites me today. I love this lifestyle every day I compete with myself to be a better person and to overcome my limits. I have always defined myself as determined. When I am not in competition, I love to dedicate myself to my work as a Personal Trainer and Coaching Online. Even now, I am dedicating myself to learning the English language in order to improve myself in my work and in the world of fitness. Read more>>

Tre Norfleet

Growing up, I was always very social and enjoyed people, I played sports my entire life, but when I discovered dance at 18, it felt like I was finally fulfilled. I was hungry and kept working, in 2013, I started locking. In 2014, I started traveling and competing. Moving around to different parts of the country (DMV, NYC, the Bay Area, LA) I learned so much from every place, and it pushed me further. Finally settling down in 2017 in Florida, building a home base for myself and representing our beautiful community. I’ve been blessed to travel more, battle, and teach internationally as well as nationally. Now the goal is to continue doing what I love, building our dance community, and being a quality father to my daughter Nori. Chelsea Miranda is the best person I could have ever asked for to share this journey with; she’s the strongest person I know and inspires me everyday. Read more>>

Aquanza Cadogan

My story begins with words. That may sound cliché, but in 2013 I wrote and self-published my own fictional book called “Summer Session”. A group of amazing friends would later help me turn that book into a Story Space event, and ever since then, I’ve used the power of words to entertain, enlighten and uplift my community. I’ve been blessed to be a part of some amazing local events – Pecha Kucha Orlando, Nerd Nite, City Arts grand opening and Immerse Orlando. Each experience has given me the opportunity to grow as an artist while spreading creativity and positivity throughout Central Florida. Read more>>

Cortez Whatley

My story is full of travel, adventure, and experiences all over the world. I was born in the Auburn/Opelika area of Alabama, which is where everyone in my family is from and mostly live. My stepfather, however, was in the Airforce, so I began moving from a young age. I began first grade in Greensboro, North Carolina. After first grade, we moved to England, living about an hour northeast of London. When we first moved to England, we lived in a small village in Suffolk of about 3000 people called Beck Row. Then later lived on the Royal Air Force Lakenheath Base where I went to school from second through fourth grade. After the completion of fourth grade, we had a short six-month assignment in Wichita Falls, Texas, where I started fifth grade, before moving to Hill Air Force Base near Ogden, Utah, until the end of eighth grade. I began ninth grade at Crestview High School in Northwest Florida. I dual-enrolled at the local community college, starting college at sixteen while continuing to play varsity sports at the high school. Read more>>

Melody Matheny

My name is Melody Matheny and I run Slice Creative Network, which is an online network of creative freelancers who support the theme park industry! I am an Attraction Designer and have been working in the industry since 2004. At one point in my career, I was an Art Director at SeaWorld and we were hiring a variety of freelancers to assist us with our projects. It became a cumbersome process to constantly figure out who was freelancing; “What was that lady’s name?! What’s her website? Does she still live in the area? How do we contact her?” etc. So I created a cheat sheet for myself, keeping track of all the freelancers in Orlando. Over the years, this became, and it now supports theme park companies and firms nationwide. We now host over 300 Freelance Members who are all vetted by our Board Members prior to acceptance into the group. They range from Attraction Designers like myself to Lighting Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Show Writers, 3D Modelers, Signage Designers, and lots more. Read more>>

Simon Gomez

Gomez Contractors is a family business that has been in the construction trade spanning three generations. My grandfather was an architect in south America Colombia. My dad has been in the construction business for 20+ years, and I am the newest addition, being involved for only two years now. Read more>>

Ralph Verano

I grew up in New York and became interested in art at a very early age. I have a Graphic Arts degree from Buffalo State College. I moved to Florida about 30 years ago. Around 2010, my wife (at the time) and I began showing our art in many of the Orlando venues. That period seemed to have a substantial burst of artistic energy from what was probably considered the “underground” artists in Orlando. We created and hosted an event called “Blend” that brought together many of the local artists, not to display their work but to paint live on a few gigantic canvases as collaborative work. It was really meant to gather as many of these artists who knew of each other’s work but may have never met them in person, and hopefully share ideas and create a sense of common goals. Sadly, I think that environment of a cohesive art community has faded a bit here in Orlando. These days, I continue to draw and paint but I don’t show that often in public anymore. Read more>>

Brittany Elyse

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Brittany Elyse was always interested in the merging cultures that blended in the city. At a young age, the basic components of commercials and product placement interested her. As a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media, she sought out to learn the entertainment business in Miami, Florida. With a Master’s Of Science in Global Strategic Communications and Public Relations from Florida International University, Brittany saw a lack of vehicles for innovative musicians, artists, and fashion designers to display their work. With her experience as a Marketing and Media Intern at Poe Boy Entertainment, she worked on campaigns for, The Pretty Boys, Flo Rida, and Michael Corleone. She simultaneously began working in the radio world for Beasley Broadcasting’s Wired 96.5 and Power 96. Working on campaigns and events taught her to understand the structure of the entertainment industry. This triggered her interest in the early stages of artist branding, development, and delivery of the product lifecycle to the masses. Read more>>

Osheema Mills

My mom always said “Oshie, you were born to do hair”. Her favorite anecdote from my childhood is the story of me as a little girl telling her how I would want my hair. There I was, barely able to articulate my words but my hair, always looked fly! Growing up on the warm islands of St Kitts & Nevis, in the Caribbean, braids were the main hair style for young girls to wear to school. By the age of 9, I began braiding hair around the neighborhood for a small fee and continued to do so until I graduated high school. And thus, an entrepreneur was born. I went on to complete beauty school in Manhattan, New York , in 2014, where I then went straight to work as an assistant for a full service salon. After a month of working there, I left to work for the world renowned salon, Dry Bar. Within 6 months I was promoted to shop educator, and then to a Manger position one year later. In 2018, I moved to Sanford, FL to be closer to family and I transitioned to working at “Blo “, blow bar salon in Orlando as a Trainer. Stylist. Read more>>

Rebecca Smith

I am a physical therapist and graduated from Boston University in 2010 with my doctorate. I have always loved sports and medicine. My dad is an orthopedist and my mom a nurse. I played collegiate water polo, and I hurt my back my freshman year of college, resulting in me needing physical therapy. I loved the profession immediately and knew that is what I wanted to do for work. I was able to work in various sport’s medicine clinics over the last ten years, but in 2019, I decided it was time for me to open up my own business and become my own boss. My passion is working with runners, moms, and CrossFit athletes. Movement is my passion. It is what I do, it is who I am, and truthfully, it should be important to everyone since we all move. Our bodies were designed for movement, and we are healthier and happier when we can move freely and without pain. I love helping my clients find their ideal movement patterns to utilize their bodies to their fullest potential. Motherhood is not easy. I struggled a lot during my pregnancy and postpartum time. Read more>>

Flex E

Flex Eats started off as me doing different food reviews, honestly. Starting out, I really didn’t want to cook or be a Chef, but in the end, it was the best thing for me. I was trying different food places and realized I was putting out more money and time with nothing really in return, especially since it was hard to get in these spots. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head and said, let’s create a product that everyone will love & boom, I started off selling sauce. Once I made my mind up, it was really time to execute and get everything off the ground. Now I’m really focused on expanding my brand and growing into opening a restaurant and getting my sauce into stores. If there’s one thing you take from me and this interview is to KEEP GOING and don’t listen to any negativity. There were so many reasons I could’ve given up, but I didn’t. That’s really important when building. I turned nothing into something and it got me here, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Read more>>

Rogers lima

I went to Veerinarian school in Brazil. Graduated in 2001 and moved here in the US with $20 in my pocket. Worked hard for few years and opened my 1st store with $6000 in 2008. Today we have two locations and both are very successful and have an excellent reputation. Read more>>

Hollie K. Henry

My passion for makeup artistry and skincare started around 2014 after a personal struggle with hormonal acne. My background is in education; I taught elementary school for 11 years. As an educator, I was drawn to studying the history and science of products. I had tapped into a new passion! I decided to start freelancing as a makeup artist in 2015. My first real opportunity to work with a client was for an editorial photo shoot. I was not prepared at all! Thankfully, the friend and mentor who referred me provided me with the products I would need. The images from that shoot are some of my favorites unto this day. I collaborated with photographers and models as much as possible. I also became a member of a team that specializes in makeup and hair for pageants. In 2016 I decided to go to esthetics school. I wanted to add to my knowledge base and skill set. I resigned from teaching full time so I could go to school. I had big dreams and no solid plan. You live and you learn. Life happened and I could not attend and went back to teaching. I continued to freelance, but the vision became clearer. Read more>>

Alexandra Arenas

I am originally from Boston and moved to Orlando about four years now. I am a freelance makeup artist and currently obtaining my Esthetician license. As a rewarding profession, I am a certified lash tech and certified in special effects makeup as well. At the end of the day, I just love doing what I love, making people look good and feel good in their own skin. A career in esthetics and to become the next makeup mogul is my lifetime goal. Read more>>

Sophie Lumene

My story began in the sixth grade when I started selling candies at school. I can still remember, my father purchased one box of candy for me to start, then I purchased three more boxes the following week. By the end of my sixth-grade year, other students were selling for me, and I would give them a small percentage. I believe I have always had a business mindset because my parents were business owners. My parents had a Caribbean takeout restaurant for over ten years. I have watched how hard they worked to provide for my siblings and myself to have a better future. In 2013, as a college student, I also started my journey as an entrepreneur in the hair industry. One of the reasons I decided to join the hair industry is due to a bad experience my sister had with purchasing hair extensions from a local hair supplier. My parents spent over $ 200, but the hair quality was horrible. The hair matted to the point we had to cut the extension out of my sister’s hair. After such experience, I began my research on hair extension and contacting hair vendors to start my own business. Just like my candy business, I started small but quickly gain customers through social media and word of mouth. Read more>>

Farah Davids

I am FarahNicole and I am on Fire!! After graduating from Alabama State University (Dual Bachelors in Public relations and Print Journalism), I decided to go into the corporate world and work for TMP Worldwide, the proud owner of MONSTER.COM. While working on their Advertising and Communications team, I created an internal newsletter called The ADDENDUM. But one day, it all changed for me. I remember being called into the office and being asked if I was happy and I remember replying in so many words… NO. I told my boss that I wanted my possibilities to be endless and having had a taste of entrepreneurship by that time, I knew that the corporate journey was not my road to travel.At that point, I was given my wings to fly into this world we call entrepreneurship. Oh By the way, The ADDENDUM is still being used today. From starting my first company NALUM Entertainment Management Company, my clothing line QTSE, my own official camp, DREAM Camp and Publishing my first book, UNSPOQEN, it has been a fun and bumby ride! As if that weren’t enough. Read more>>

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