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The Change-Makers: stories that inspire

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Jennifer lazos

I was always interested in photography in high school but was never able to actually take the classes at my school, there was always a wait list and it just never worked out for me. Life happened, I had babies, got married and kinda put my love for it to the side while I worked on raising my kid’s. I started taking photo’s of my kids and started to think that maybe I could do something with it again and from there it just kinda took off. Read more>>

Mariela Araujo

Ever since I was a kid I have loved fashion! I used to watch all the fashion shows and competitions and I would always imagine myself participating in the future. The YouTube era encouraged me to create outfit videos. I made one or two but never kept going. At some point, I was too busy between my school workload and moving to another country, there were just so many things going on. After I was able to settle, I thought… when would be the right time to start over? and I figured the best time is always now! Read more>>

Tony Baker

I was born in Miami, Opa-Locka to be exact and ever since I was a little kid appearance has always been a big part of my upbringing. My parents were very particular about the clothes my sister and I wore to make sure we always made good first impressions. Growing up whenever there was an upcoming event my mom always bought us a new outfit. A habit I’ve continued into my adulthood, which hasn’t always been financially responsible lol. The majority of my family is well-dressed within their own style so I’ve always observed the people around me and just took mental notes of what I like and didn’t like. In the second grade, my family relocated to Jacksonville, FL due to my dad being in the military. Read more>>

Sajaun Clough

Severe depression really jump-started my personal fitness journey and became my outlet on my quest to “feeling good”. Once I started I became addicted to working out! pretty sure it was the endorphins because I have yet to quit or have taken a break from training since I began almost 4 years ago this Saturday (10.30). You learn so much about your body and habits when you’re locked in and focused on a specific goal and I noticed that so many women are naturally at a disadvantage when trying to lose weight just due to biology so when I decided to look at what my target market would be I knew I’d really be of value to an all woman roster. Read more>>

Bill & Linda Files

Ten years ago we moved to Florida for a new job, with our two boys and within a year or so, both our daughters moved to Florida too. Our oldest went to work for The Spice & Tea Exchange corporate marketing department. This is how we got turned on to the wonderful products The Spice & Tea Exchange offers. Five years ago we purchased The Spice & Tea Exchange of Winter Park. The store has been a great success. We offer more than 85 custom spice seasonings that we blend in-store daily and more than 65 varieties of loose leaf teas. Linda and I both love the healthy aspects of what we offer; Read more>>

Xavier Moss

Having a love of art and science since childhood, I chose to study Biological Illustration at the University of Florida. Biological Illustration is the use of technical illustration to visually communicate the structure and specific details of biological subjects of study, in other words, visualizing natural history. After graduating, I decided against pursuing a Master’s in Medical Illustration, as I felt led to use my skills in a non-medical realm. Finding work after graduating proved difficult for the better part of a year. For some reason, I’d come to believe the notion that if my first job out of college wasn’t in my field of study, then I’d failed. Read more>>

Viviana Cha

I come from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, a region that is full of color and joy. My country has unique landscapes. From mountainous jungles to grassy plains and pristine beaches. Due to its location different altitudes and climates Colombia, is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. This means we have access to unique plants and materials that have been used by indigenous cultures to create incredible pieces of art. Our artists use sophisticated hand-wrought techniques, from weaving and embroidery to beading to represent our customs, beliefs, and joyous spirit. Read more>>

Hayden Oleson

I started my business when I was 15 years old i remember working a 9-5 job and just thinking to myself what would I want my life to look like. Do I want to work 9-5 working for someone else or do I jump with both feet in working for myself? I sat down and wrote down on a piece of paper of different businesses that intrigued me one of those ideas happened to be automotive detailing! I always had passion for cars/trucks/motorcycles. And I just thought to myself I love cars so I’ll give it a try so I started my business. Read more>>

Nancy Ludin

My family spent the Passover holiday with cousins in New York City- one of whom was a Holocaust survivor , name Ernie Michel, who worked as the Vice President of United Jewish Appeal and raised funds to enhance the quality of life for Jews around the world. He shared fascinating stories about his travels and the leaders he met from Israel. Read more>>

J Lamaar

I been involved with music since I was a kid. I use to sing in church when I was 7 and started recording music once I got to middle school. After high school I joined the Army. In the Army I worked on music and performed at a few clubs and festivals in Germany. Thats where I was station. But, I took a break to deploy to Afghanistan for a year. Once I got out the Army I made it my mission to move to Florida and attend Full Sail University. I started fully focusing on creating music and getting better at audio engineering.  Read more>>

Olivia Duke

Ever since I was young I always enjoyed skin care, you know the average teen popping all of the blackheads on your nose, using the nose strips and even the dreadful, famous for all the wrong things “St. Ives Apricot scrub” The list goes on. When I was in High School I never really new where I saw myself going with my career. I had 0 idea on if I was going to college or what my next step was. At 18 I wound up working on a little cruise ship for a short period of time over on the West Coast, sailed through the Puget Sound where our main port was in Seattle Washington. Safe to say the 15 hour days everyday really made me realize I needed to figure something else out. Read more>>

Juan Gutierrez

I first started with a huge passion for classical music. When I was nine all did was learning violin and listening to composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Paganini. I was very obsessed with the virtuosic aspect of this music but also the quality of the writing and how these classical melodies are so memorable. In 2015 I decided to learn how to play guitar and i found that guitar was instrument, instead of violin. I got into the classic rock stuff from the 70’s and 80’s and learned a lot from guitarists such as Slash, Carlos Santana and David Gilmour. In 2018 I won a guitar playing contest called “So You Think You Can Shred” which was held at the music festival “Monsters Of Rock Cruise”. Read more>>

Jennifer McGee

My name is Jennifer McGee, I am an Educator with a specialization in Behavioral Counseling and 8 years of experience in Human Resources. Being at the service of people has always been present throughout my professional career. At 48 years old, life surprised me with separation after 18 years of marriage. After going through the crisis of this event, I decided to embark on a new personal adventure. I got certified as a Couples Coach and Women’s Coach to be able to provide support to other women and couples as well as offer accompaniment and knowledge about various tools that can help them navigate their path with better resources. Read more>>

Coco Gunn

Yikes were do I start…..well I have always been a leader in the community and most of that experience came from being a military brat. Moving around from city to city often gave me opportunities to “start over”. At each city we moved too, I would make it a point to find a leadership position. It was as if that was how I helped cope with relocating. Learning new skills, showing my talent, making sure that I made a great impression.. Why….well I was always the “new kid”. Read more>>

Mikaelah & Jose Fidele & Rodriguez

Our journey originated from working with our Miami company: Party Rental ML Luxury Events; where we started off with only party rentals then over time grew into a party planning business putting together all types of events with rentals, decorations, caterings, floral arrangements and more. Our business passion come from seeing friends and family get together and find joy, love and happiness when we create their special events. We believe each special moment in our lives should be unforgettable and cherished. Read more>>

Alissa Holton

I love this question. I got started when I was pregnant with my daughter. I knew I had a calling for something but I was trying to figure out what that passion was. Growing up my favorite thing my family would do that I still remember to this day is going and looking at model homes. I always had a dream of owning a home and having that “security”. Now I get to help people make that dream happen for themselves and I love it so much. Read more>>

Josh Bauer

Well, I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. As a kid, I was always messing around with some kind of art. My mom had to make sure she always had some paper and pens in her purse so I could keep myself entertained while at a restaurant or events. I was always doodling on something as a kid. As I got older and got in to school I started to realize I had some talent for art. Once I hit high school I took every art class that was available, including two different art classes in one year. Read more>>

Matthew Meehan

My family is everything to me. They are the reason I wake up every single morning and strive to do better each and every day. Like most families, we are far from perfect. But I would never trade them for the world! I was raised in Staten Island, New York, by my Grandparents. We lived in a 3 bedroom apartment with 6 or 7 other family members depending on which day of the week it was. Most nights I either slept on the couch or the floor. They didn’t have much but what they did have always went to help out their family. Read more>>

Crystal Early

I’ve had the love and passion for doing hair since I was a little girl. At 7 years old, I taught myself how to braid and cut hair (on Barbie dolls of course). It’s truly it’s a God given gift. By the age of 9, I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser when I grew up. My sister was always in charge of doing my hair until she moved out when I was 14 so I was left to learn how to do it on my own. On my journey through learning how to do my hair, I discovered making wigs from watching videos on YouTube. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the idea of them and knew that’s what I wanted to specialize in. Read more>>

Alicia crisp

As long as I can remember I have always loved plants. As a child I watched my mother and grandmother as they harvested their gardens and cooked with their produce. I was always fascinated by the process. My grandfather was a fisher and a forager and was always taking us grand kids out on his boat to fish or for walks in the woods learning how to identify edible plants. None of my family was ever traditional with food and how we obtained it. My mom and aunt used to take us along to work at local co-op farms in exchange for produce and eggs and my grandparents taught us how to can and ferment. Read more>>

Victasia Parker

My story began where I believe many great stories will also start. March 2020 when the pandemic hit, it made me realize that nothing is ever really guaranteed so I might as well be in pursuit of my own definition of happiness. I graduated from Florida A&M University in Fall of 2019 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Humanities and Education so I let that naturally lead the way to creating YouTube content to educate people about spirituality and mental health. Read more>>

Rejane Lima

Hi I am Rejane Lima and I am a ceramist . I am from Brazil where I graduated in low but before that I builded a career in hotels sales management customer service , consulting , , body language and communications skills , training and hotels consulting . But then I became a mother and that became my priority in life . I Moved to Germany and there I had my first significant contact with ceramics in westewald the land of good earth clay and rich culture pottery and also the land of stones and strong people . Read more>>

Adam Sliger

In high school, I played in a rock band with three of my friends. After somewhere around 100 shows and two albums, we decided to call it quits to focus on other things. After the breakup, I dove head first into music production, and eventually I ended up running a recording studio for almost a decade. In 2019 I started writing my own music again, and that’s when Night Winds came to be. After years of working on other people’s music, I decided to get back into writing my own material and performing again, and it’s been super rewarding. Read more>>

Mickey Cohen

My name is Mickey (like the mouse) and I have been taking creative liberties with peoples’ hair for almost a decade. Growing up I was the typical “scene kid” that had always felt compelled to experiment with gothic aesthetics. I was also known as the girl with the ever-evolving hair colors, which kind of helped solidify my goals in life regarding the cosmetology industry. The plan at the time? Run my own salon and make people feel/look great. Read more>>

Amara Gogia

Doodling has always calmed my mind. When I was a little kid, arts and crafts were always my favorite way to pass the time. Whether it was colored pencils, sparkly pens, markers, or paint, I didn’t care, as long as I was creating things and making a mess. Bringing a sketch book and my favorite pens along with me anywhere I went was vital, and still is for me today. In high school, I was in a few higher level art classes, where I had the freedom to start developing my own vision. My work was displayed in art exhibits and art fairs multiple times which amplified my desire to make more art. Read more>>

Chera Miller

I was born in the D.C. – Maryland area and was raised there until I left for Hampton University at 18. However, life took a turn and I ended up married with two children who are now young ladies. I divorced at age 32, went back to school to achieve my personal goal of earning a degree and finally succeeded at doing so at the age of 40. In May of 2020, I acquired to degrees in Business Information Management and Accounting. I started my career in property management at age 22 and I did that for 18 years until transitioning over into doing real estate full time. Read more>>

Briana Gabe

I have always been a music fan, and when I was 8 my family realized I could sing. They pushed me to keep exploring that interest, and I was performing wherever I could: small festivals, school events, and my dad’s work events. In the meantime I found a passion for writing and realized I could write to music and create real songs. I continued writing and singing for a few years, but my main focus was actually on golf. Once I earned a golf scholarship to Daytona State, I decided to major in music production. Since I’ve been in this program, I’ve been able to share the songs I’ve written with so many more people, and I’ve started to produce with my other classmates. Read more>>

Sergio Uliana, Jr

I was born in Brazil. I graduated and worked as an attorney in Brazil for 15 years practicing corporate law. My skills and experience dealing with contracts and clients gave me an important background where I could understand the needs of my clients. Since he moved to the US in 2014 I was involved in many Real Estate transactions both commercial and residential. My clients always testified the value of my commitment, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit. I have a long record of successfully guiding local, national and multi-national clients with their real estate acquisitions, lease obligations, asset reposition and dispositions due to my ability to communicate in 4 different languages. Read more>>

Jordan Gritter

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a Mortgage Originator but I do recall my response when people would ask the age old question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” My response was usually something like : “I want to help people.” I began my post-college career life working in ministry. I was part of the Global Missions Team at a local church in Central Florida (Northland Church). It was a good fit until my wife and I had our first baby– when my son was three months old I spent twelve long days in Uganda and knew very quickly that I needed to make a change for my family. Read more>>

Andrea & Brandon Bastian

Our desserts, like many others’, started off as an experiment – I baked for my younger sisters to curb their sweet teeth. And Brandon on the other hand had culminated this idea of one day having a bakery after taking home economics in middle school. It was never really something we expected to come about. When in college, we randomly decided to bring cinnamon rolls to a get-together and from there it all began. A simple aluminum tray of cinnamon rolls and in 5 minutes, they were gone – this was pretty much every party we attended. It was moreso a party trick, not yet a business. Read more>>

Jhoan Zerpa

My name is Jhoan Zerpa, I am from Venezuela. I arrived in the USA 7 years ago running, since my life was in danger from the communist dictatorship that keeps Venezuela in misery and famine. in 2016 I was a taxi driver, uber lyft, doordash any application that could be done to support my family, it should be noted that I left my career, comforts, my own home in my country but I saved my life by reaching the USA, 2016 was a very hard year for me ADAPTATION to a new system, Read more>>

Stephany Lugo

So I’m going to try my best to sum in up , but I do love to go on about things I’m passionate about and telling my story is one of them, so we’ll see . I can’t say I always knew what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be out of highschool . There’s usually this big pressure of going to college and studying a field that your interested in and/or know your going to spend the rest of your days in . But that wasn’t the case for me AT ALL or in my adolescence years. I was truly care free and going through the motions . I mean highschool is bad enough to add that pressure of becoming a doctor or nurse , I don’t know what it is about society with labeling those professions as “good jobs “ what makes them so good anyway ; Read more>>

Rufina Luna

Rufina Luna, she is a Realtor with a License in the State of Florida and Realtor and Appraiser of Property Residential and Commercial Certificated with the Camera of Real Estate in Venezuela. Studied Economy and has one master’s in finance. During eight years, was in important positions in the Petroleum Company PDVSA – Venezuela; she started her career in Real Estate Business: from the year 2009 until 2016 work for Century 21 Venezuela, where also learning skills in Real Estate Business; Read more>>

Maury Rossel

My name is Maury Rossel. Actually, Rossel is my middle name, but everyone thinks it’s my last name haha. I’m from Venezuela. I came to the United States a year ago and after living in three different cities I concluded that Orlando is my favorite so far. Yes, in Florida, where Mickey Mouse lives. I’m a photographer, and I love coffee, animals, cooking and learning new stuff whenever I can. And even if my vocational resume is kinda messy to put in a nutshell, I am going to try my best! Read more>>

Skye Nunez

As a kid my dad use to make me wash his car all the time with him, teaching me the basics and I ended up liking it in my teen years especially having my first car at the time. Eventually being in my twenties getting a job as a car detailer made me realize I could be doing this for myself like before instead of doing 3 or 4 cars and get the minimum amount. It was over from there.. Read more>>

Jordan Sapp

I started my journey working at Hooters where I would constantly have to do my make up and eyebrows. I hate it filling in my brows every day and wanted to wake up with flawless brows and lashes. I looked into ombre shading and decided to test out on myself. I instantly love the concept as well as their results and thought to myself I want to be able to make people feel the same feeling I felt when I got my Eyebrows and Lashes done I felt naturally beautiful waking up without any makeup. So summer 2020 I decided to take that leap and invest in an ombre shading course and wanted to expand my business by adding on lashes as well. Read more>>

Demis Elias Rodriguez

My story began 6 years ago when I moved to Central Florida from Puerto Rico right after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. I started working at Burlington Coat Factory in Lakeland without speaking fluent English. Although, I was able to understand the language I was unable able to speak fluently with my coworkers and customers, so that was my first challenge. I began taking online English classes to improve my pronunciation and to be able to communicate at work. Those months were very challenging. Read more>>

Fabiana Lozano Sanz

I have always had a passion for photography, when I came to U.S. from Venezuela, I purchased my first DSLR camera, that was almost 10 years ago. I went to a school of Arts where I had my first photography classes and I learned so much! I also had a passion for the medical field and I went to college to pursue that career, little did I know my life was about to change three years later at the age of 21. In 2017, I went from studying to become a doctor to being the patient, I was diagnosed with an aggressive case of Multiple Sclerosis. I decided I wanted to help in the MS community as much as I could so I entered a medical trial for my treatment at the time, Read more>>

Taila Nieves

I am a pediatric nurse and my patient’s mom was looking for a caterer for her daughter’s Quinceanera (15th birthday party). This was back in 2011. At the time, my husband Danny, (who was a truck driver) was over the road on a job . I called him and told him that I had booked our first catering gig. Mind you, we had never spoken about catering or opening a catering business before. I still wonder how those words came out of my mouth when this idea never crossed our minds! So I went ahead and I told my employer that we would be able to cater her daughter’s party. Read more>>

Accari Alexander

I started my photography journey in 2016 on a iPhone 5c believe or not. I found myself falling in love with sunrise photos. So, before any portrait photos I doing landscape photography. I bought my first camera in July of 2016 a Fuji film camera. It wasn’t until I bought my first Canon camera ( Canon t5i) I started doing photo shoot with people. Then when I moved to Sanford from Daytona beach I started networking with a lot of fitness influencers who have become great friends and motivators. With all the networking I was able to meet all type of great individuals with different visions and ideas. So, as of now I’ve upgraded my camera gear and equipment. I invested in myself and found a purpose with photography. Read more>>

Josh Breezzyy

Growing up I always dreamed of becoming famous. So much so that even when doing assignments in elementary school, I was signing my name as a signature instead of printing it. I grew up raised by a single mom and my grandparents, so I knew I had to find a way out. The answer wouldn’t come until high school where I fell inlove with making music. Music was something I was active in as early as 5th grade. As a mixed kid with little to no friends I used Hip Hop to find a way to fit in. Soon after writing my first bars, I found myself jumping into lunch table cyphers and quickly garnered the name “Josh Breezzyy”. Read more>>

Roxie Ball

If you asked me 10 years ago if I was an entrepreneur, I’d probably have looked at you crossed eyed. I didn’t really discover my passion for beauty and business until my latter twenties. Leading up to esthetics school, I worked a few odd jobs, mostly as a server in restaurants. Although I’ve always been pretty outgoing and extremely customer service oriented, I didn’t really have particular career path in mind. When I enrolled at Aveda Institute I had every intention of becoming a Massage Therapist and/or an Esthetician. By the end of the dual license program I didn’t really care to pursue either career. Read more>>

Sinead Williams

I launched TnZ November 22, 2021, however my love for capturing memories through pictures and videos started long before that. Growing up I remember the anticipation of waiting for a roll of film to be developed by CVS or Walgreens hoping that all memories you attempted to capture were done so correctly. I loved capturing memories and even more so the feeling of being able to go back years later and reminisce. As I got older and had two children my love for capturing moments and keeping as much memorabilia as possible grew even more. With two children’s future in mind as well as my own, I wanted to start a business that was something I loved and that they could be included in. Read more>>

Juliet Hernandez

I will be talking about two different businesses and their connection. First I will start by saying that I always dreamed about becoming a barber. but here is my story. Today, I sit as the owner along with my husband of two amazing projects; My Miso Spot by Juliet & The Tonsorium Mens Grooming Lounge by Juliet. My Miso started as by coincidence. Originally me and husband were looking for locations across Clermont Florida to open a really unique barbershop, but we wanted something not as your tradicional barbershop, we wanted to go big and different. Read more>>

Joshua Johnson

I started out being an independent artist when I was 18 doing ground work by passing out my mixtape cds in stores and to people back in the year of 2013 , and my mixtape was called str8 fire. My mentor was Timothy Lee also known as G Da Gamespitta. I was performing at a bar called sunny’s lounge every weekend to get recognized and to connect with other artists. I started performing at Relentless studios inside Savannah mall for the anti sex trafficking event that they had planned. On that day a lady came to me and asked me what my name was and I said Jigga J Da Gamespitta, she had liked my song and gave me knowledge and wisdom. Read more>>

Katherine Russell

My name is Katherine Russell and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Foundations To Freedom. A newly formed nonprofit sober living homes corporation in the city of Deland. It has always been a dream of mine to open sober homes. I myself am in long term recovery. At the age of 27, I was in a terrible car accident on I4 where i flipped a vehicle 9 times and was ejected from the vehicle. I was air flown to Orlando regional medical center where i staying in a coma for 64 days and in the hospital for 4 months. I had several injuries and required many surgeries including 3 brain surgeries, spinal fusion, and reconstructive foot surgery. I had broken almost every bone on my right side.  Read more>>

Kimberly Sentes

How I started tattooing was not the normal way to start and much later than most do. After 20 years working for theme park entertainment, I had my 5th major surgery for cancer and I was exhausted and could no longer do what I use to. My Brother-in-law was a Tattoo Artist and offered to teach me the art of tattooing. I had taught him how to draw, so it only seemed fit that he taught me how to tattoo. Read more>>

Jessica and Ashley Cunningham

Over Fork Over is the collaboration of two sisters, Jessica and Ashley Cunningham. And no, we’re not a food truck; we’re a design and print studio that focuses on letterpress printing. For those who aren’t familiar, letterpress printing is a style of impression printing that dates back to the 1400’s. We’ve taken our name from our Scottish ancestors’ family motto, but our history is a little more recent. We started Over Fork Over as a hobby and passion project. 12 years ago, Jessica caught the letterpress bug in college. Shortly after graduating, she bought our first printing press, a 120 year old Golding Pearl No. 14, small enough to fit in our apartment at the time. She spent the next six years honing her skills after her 9-5, designing and printing for all our friends’ weddings and special events. Read more>>

Keeley Ward

I pivoted into the wellness sector almost 10 years ago and have been working for myself for 18-months. I was going through life, living above the neck, numbing out.. not really present in the present. I’d been working for 25-years in cruise and travel, when in 2012, my Father died. This was the wake up call that had me questioning what was I doing with my life?! The start of my inward journey of self-discovery. Read more>>


Ziah is a sponge inspired artist that makes music he like to listen to from ranges of 10 different genres mainly pop, he started off Singing from a young age and getting his first computer at 12 years old where he started to learn the music software Logic Pro x and the rest is his history, while perfecting his vocals and unique tone and also releasing unmastered tracks on SoundCloud, he brought two of his friends together to form a pop group now known as ETC. ETC. Had there first show based on there 7 song EP released early 2021, it was a hit, sold out tickets and an amazing night. Soon they will be releasing there 2nd ep mid 2022 and hopes to touch each of there fans hearts. Read more>>

Patrick Chin

In 2005 I was working as a barista my freshman year of college and I mentioned to a friend that I’d been interested in learning photography. Not more than a week later he showed up while I was working and gifted me an old 1960’s Canon 35mm film camera. For the next decade I was constantly taking photos but never thought I was building towards a future career. I was just having fun taking photos of my friends and travels. Years later I was working in Orlando as a sales rep at a screen printing shop and my boss saw on my Instagram that I had an interest in photography. One day he asked if I wanted to transition into a marketing and photography role instead. Read more>> 

Ricardo Cortez Ortiz

The way I started in the industry was based more on a necessity than a preference. As a “preacher’s kid” in a low-class area in Puerto Rico, there was always a need for technical support for my parent’s church. This is where I began learning audio engineering through a mentor from another church. This sparked my interest and studies in the world of media. What pushed me into my craft was a passion for bringing quality content not only to the independent circuit but also to the Puerto Rican production space. Read more>>

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